Thomas Packaging LLC  is focused on pharmaceutical packaging equipment, including blister packaging and bottle filling equipment and parts. We have been supplying machinery and tooling for GMP applications for more than 45 years. Service Industries is a leading supplier to pharmaceutical companies who are involved in blister packaging, bottle filling, deblistering, and lead testing. Our products are a mix of self-manufactured and distributed products.

We offer our own self manufactured, Thomas Packaging brand pharmaceutical packaging equipment like our SureFill slat filler and SureCount conveyor and blister packaging and bottle filling change parts. We also have a number of partners: Sepha Ltd. from Northern Ireland, Mario A. Cricca, Lixis, and Verifarma from Argentina, Sky Softgel from South Korea, Tepack from Spain, and Kirby Lester from the United States. All of our partners manufacture unique, quality pharmaceutical packaging equipment and parts that we are happy to supply to our customers in North America.

With a broad product line, we can meet any packaging equipment need that a pharmaceutical company might have. Whether you make tablets, capsules, or soft gels and whether you put them in blister packs, bottles, or pouches, we offer the products, tooling, parts, and solutions that you need. And ou will always get the local, USA based service and support from Thomas Packaging.

SEPHA – package leak detection, product recovery and blister packaging
SKY-Softgel-Multi-Counting-Line – packaging equipment for tablets, capsules and softgels
Kirby Lester pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers
MAC - Mario A. Cricca S.A. Blister Packaging Equipment


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Pouching and Stick Pack Machines