Most companies leak test their blister packages using water baths. These devices, which have been in use for many years, destroy the packages during the test. Even good samples have to be discarded after they are tested. If you have an expensive drug and test a large number of packages, the cost of all these packages can add up. Most people do not realize there are a number of new, non-destructive leak testing technologies available now, including the Sepha VisionScan. Non destructive leak testing units, like the VisionScan, allow you to save money by putting the good packs back onto the line after testing. Here’s an article by Phil Stevenson, the product manager at Sepha, that was published in Tablets & Capsules magazine, that discusses the benefits of non-destructive testing. The article is on page 30. Non destructive testers, like the VisionScan and BlisterScan for blister packs, the BottleScan for induction sealed bottles, or the PakScan and MediScan for pouches, are all available through Thomas Packaging. We have units available for demonstrations and evaluation so contact us today.