SI branded lineup without gradientThomas Packaging (formerly Service Industries) is pleased to announce that we are now the US distributor for Kirby Lester’s line of pharmaceutical counting and bottling devices. We will be offering the best selling KL1 check counter along with the KL25, KL50ic/icf, and KL200 small-scale bottle fillers. These devices are ideal for QC and validation counts and low to medium volume bottle filling runs. This new distributorship allows Thomas Packaging to offer a wider breadth of solutions for our pharmaceutical customers.

The partnership will kick off during the upcoming Pharma Expo trade show (part of Pack Expo) in Chicago’s McCormick convention center. Both Kirby Lester (booth W-1043) and Thomas Packaging(booth W-645) will have equipment on display.

Kirby Lester pioneered tablet and capsule counting technology for pharmacies, mail order, and centrail fill pharmacies since 1971. Their tablet counters have been used by the pharmaceutical industry for decades, but the new partnership with Thomas Packaging will sharpen the focus in this area. Combined with our counting lines from Sky Softgel and our own SureFill 300 slat filler, Thomas Packaging can now offer a bottle filler for everything from a table top, semi-automatic unit filling just a few bottles at a time up to a fully automated line running at 300 bottles a minute.

Come see us at Pharma Expo to learn more.