Thomas Packaging’s partner, Sepha, will debut their newest model VisionScan, the revolutionary non-destructive leak tester for pharmaceutical blister packs, at Pharma Expo / Pack Expo in Chicago November 6-9. Thomas Packaging will have the newest VisionScan on display at our booth, W-645 in the West Hall.

VisionScan Non Destructive Leak Tester

Since it’s launch, the Sepha VisionScan has received widespread industry acceptance for non-destructive and deterministic testing of blister packs. After further development, the new, compact, and lightweight model incorporates a GMP compliant, FDA approved polymer construction with an easy to use touchscreen interface. This new design includes an improved test time, allowing more efficient testing with the same high level of accuracy and objectivity from the previous VisionScan models.

VisionScan Features and Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface
  • Reduced test cycle time
  • Accurate, Objective, repeatable results

Non-Destructive Leak Tester Technology

Sepha and Thomas Packaging introduced the first VisionScan in 2011. Before this, the industry tested blister packs using blue dye baths. However, blue dye baths destroy the pack by submerging it in water. While they have been used for many years in the industry, the cost of the destroyed packs adds up quickly resulting in a loss of profits. The savings reaped by not destroying packs can be significant. Sepha’s line of non-destructive leak tester units saves the pack being tested. You can return them to the line and sell them. The newest model builds on this history

  • Detects channel leaks and weak seals down to 15 micron
  • Touch screen controls
  • Can test multiple packs per test cycle
  • Rapid test time
  • No tooling required
  • Electronic storage of test results
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Validation package available

As a result, the Sepha VisionScan is the ideal non-destructive leak tester for pharmaceutical blister packs.

Pack Expo 2016

Thomas Packaging will have the newest model VisionScan on display at Pack Expo 2016. The show is in Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center from November 6-9. Stop by our booth, number W-645, in the West Hall, dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry to see the new VisionScan. Click on our Pack Expo 2016 news post to see what else we will have on display at the show.