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As of March 1, 2017, Thomas Packaging represents Tepack brand stick pack machines and pouching machines in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Based out of Barcelona, Spain, Tepack began supplying stick pack and pouching machines in 2007. They specialize in systems for the food, pharmaceutical, and other GMP industries. Companies use Tepack systems throughout Europe in many different applications.

Tepack customizes all of their machines. They offer several models and styles for packs of different widths and cuts. Each of their machines comes with however many lanes are needed based on the pack size and the throughput. Their machines work with different types of materials and different shape pouches.  In addition, they manufacture their own feeders and systems for filling pouches with tablets, powders, or liquids. As a result, they supply the full system. You do not need to buy the feeder separately.

Stick Pack Machines

Stick packs are flexible pouches with a horizontal seal on top and bottom and one vertical seal running the length of the pouch. They can be filled with liquids, powders, or other products. In order to meet all the needs of the industry, Tepack offers servo and cam driven stick pack machines for different applications. They offer four models, the Terral, Borea, Simun, and Sirocco. Each model operates with a vertical, intermittent motion.

Terral stick pack machine

Because they offer a number of models, Tepack supplies machines designed specifically to each application. The Terral is used for smaller throughputs. It has up to 6 lanes depending on the size of the product and up to 60 containers per minute. The Borea runs up to 80 containers per minute with a maximum of 12 lanes. The Simun and Sirocco operate up to 80 containers per minute and up to 30 lanes depending on the size of the stick pack. Each machine includes stainless steel contact parts and front plates, a custom feeder, splice plates, and other features and options to make them easy to use, and clean.




Pouching Machines

Tepack offers two models of four sided sachet machines. These machines cut the roll of material into a front and back sheet. It seals the sheets on both sides and the bottom and then fills them with product. After filling, the top side is sealed.

Moncayo pouching machine

Tepack offers two models of pouching machine, the Moncayo and Mistral. The Mistral is an intermittent motion machine for applications up to 12 lanes and 1oo containers a minute. The Moncayo is a continuous motion machine for applications up to 100 containers a minute and 7 lanes. Tepack offers liquid, powder, and other types of fillers for any application. They design each machine with the correct number of lanes and pouches for the job. Different output configurations for collecting the packs are available as well.




Form Fill Seal Machines

In addition to stick pack machines and pouching machines, Tepack offers traditional vertical form fill seal machines for larger pouches. The model TPV-3S is a multi-lane machine that can handle pouches of various types and sizes. The TPV-280 is a single lane machine that is optimzed for wide pouches and bags. Each machine includes stainless steel front plates and contact parts as well as other options.

TPV3S pouching machine

Thomas Packaging supplies each of these models in the USA, Canada, and Puerto. We provide service and support through our Rolling Meadows, IL factory. If you have an application, contact us through our contact page. One of our sales engineers will get back to you right away to discuss your project.

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