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Thomas Packaging has been involved with pharmaceutical blister packaging machinery and pharmaceutical blister packaging machine manufacturers since the 1970s. Blister packs are one of the most common types of packaging in the industry. Our company began as an aftermarket supplier of blister tooling change parts like form dies, seal dies, and die cutters to local companies in the Midwest. We now make tooling and parts for all brands of pharmaceutical blister packaging machine manufacturers. We supply cartoner parts and feeder parts as well.

In addition to our change parts, we now offer three brands of blister machines so we have solutions for almost any application. The S-100, S-300, and S-300XL from Mario Cricca in Argentina are compact designs where you need an automatic blister machine but with limited space. The SVB series from Sky Softgel comes in platen and rotary style applications for high volume packaging. And the Sepha EZ Blister and EZ MedPak are table top machines for semi-automatic blister packing of solid doses and medical devices.

Leak testers are a key addition to any blister line. For decades, most companies use water baths to check their packs for leak. Sepha’s line of non-destructive testers address the problems associated with water baths and are ideal for almost any blister application.

And our line of Sepha deblistering machinery is used for product recovery. Sepha has options available for push through as well as child resistant packages.

So let Thomas Packaging help you with your blister packaging machinery. With our full scope, we can provide almost any solution you need in the packaging area for your blister packed products.

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