Solid Dose Bottle Fillers And Change Parts from Thomas Packaging

SureFill 300 Bottle Filler

Thomas Packaging is one of the leading suppliers in North America for pharmaceutical solid dose bottle fillers and parts. Most pharmaceutical bottle filling lines use either slat filling or electronic counting technology. Thomas Packaging offers both types of solid dose bottle fillers as well as various ancillary equipment and parts to make a full pharmaceutical bottle filling line.

Slat filling technology has been used for many years. We began making slats and manifolds as change parts for Merril, Lakso, and King fillers in 2001. Our business grew quickly and today we supply change parts for any type of filler in the market as well as selling our own SureFill 300 slat filler. With the filler, we also provide our SureCount inspection system for checking for empty cavities and the SureClean sanitary conveyor, the cleanest conveyor on the market.

As an alternative to slat fillers, many packaging lines use electronic counting technology for pharmaceutical bottle filling. Thomas Packaging offers automatic production sized electronic counters from Sky Softgel in South Korea and table top counters for small scale packaging and QA checks from Kirby Lester.

Whichever type of pharmaceutical bottle filler is right for your product, whether slat fillers or electronic counters, we have an option to fit.

And last, no line is complete without a leak checker. Bottles with induction seals can leak if the seal is not properly applied. The Sepha BottleScan checks these seals to ensure the integrity of your product.

Slat Fillers

Slat fillers are the most common type of pharmaceutical bottle filler. The have been used by the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Slat fillers use dedicated change part to quickly count tablets or capsules into bottles. Because they use dedicated tooling, they are ideal for high speed, dedicated bottle filling lines. They do not use optical technology like electronic counters so are also ideal for use with uncoated tablets and other dusty products.

We offer the following types of slat filler machines and change parts for pharmaceutical bottle filling lines.

SureFill 300 Slat Filler
SureCount Inspection System
SureClean Conveyor
Slat Filler Controls Retrofits

Change Parts
Brushes & Other Parts

Leak Detection for Pharmaceutical Bottle Fillers

Thomas Packaging offers a full line of non-destructive leak testers for all types of pharmaceutical packages including the Sepha BottleScan for induction sealed bottles. The BottleScan allows you to quickly and quantitatively identify leaking seals before the batch is released.

Sepha BottleScan

Electronic Counters

The second major type of pharmaceutical bottle filler is the electronic counter. Electronic counters use optical sensors to count tablets one by one as they fall into a bottle. The counter needs to space out the tablets or capsules so they fall past the sensors one by one to count properly. This means counters typically run slower than slat fillers. However the optical sensors, they eliminate the dedicated tooling that slat fillers use. This makes changeover very simple and means electronic counters are perfect for contract packagers and other facilities with lots of different products.

At Thomas Packaging, we represent Sky Softgel electronic counting lines. Sky manufactures counters plus all the required ancillary equipment for the lines such as cappers, labelers, and desiccant inserters.

We also represent Kirby Lester’s line of table top counters. These semi-automatic machines are very compact and are ideal for low volume packaging line in a lab or clinical supply area or for QA checks next to a production scale bottle filling line.

Sky Softgel Electronic Counting Lines
Kirby Lester KL1
Kirby Lester KL50