Deblistering and Product Recovery


Press Out Unversal

Thomas Packaging offers a comprehensive range of deblistering machines from Sepha, Ltd. that offer speed, efficiency, and safety while recovering valuable product.

Drug manufacturers recover product for many reasons. When starting up a blister line, often you make some unacceptable packages while the machine settings are dialed in. Or you may have made an error in packaging or labeling. In all these cases, the drugs inside the blister packs are still good. Those drugs can be expensive. With one of our Press Out machines, you can easily remove product from the blister package and save it.

Sepha offers press-out deblistering machines for different types of packages. The best machine to use depends on your pack. Many foil backed packages are push through. The Press Out Manual Wide and Press Out Semi-Automatic push the tablet through the foil backing, separating the tablet from the package. Both manually operated and motor driven options are available to save operator effort.

Other products use paper backed child resistant packs. The Press Out Universal and Press Out Universal Mini are designed for these applications. They cut the tablet or capsule out of the package. They use a dedicated cutting tool to reliably remove the tablet or capsule from the pack and separate it from the lid stock and forming material.

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