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Kirby Lester KL1 — The smallest, fastest tablet counter ever

The Kirby Lester KL1 is a compact, table top counter designed for counting a single bottle at a time. The operator slowly pours the tablets into the funnel. The unit counts the pieces and tells you how many were in the bottle. Product is collected in a counting tray and can be poured back into the bottle after finishing. The unit is simple to use. There are no sensors to calibrate or adjust so change over is quick and easy. Just turn the unit on and you are ready to start counting.

It is ideal for QA checks on a production line where operators need to check the count in a number of bottles every hour. The Kirby Lester KL1 replaces the hand counting and counting trays that an operator would usually use to do these periodic counts. The KL1 is simple to disassemble and clean and can be supplied with multiple funnels and collection bins so you can dedicate them per product to minimize the risk of potential cross contamination.

Kirby Lester KL1      Kirby Lester KL1    Kirby Lester KL1

Kirby Lester’s smallest and fastest counter fits into even the most crowded workspace. With Kirby Lester’s counting technology inside, the KL 1 counts almost any tablet or capsule quickly, conveniently and accurately.

  • Compact table top design
  • Portable (optional carrying case available)
  • Fast operation, up to 15 tablets or capsules per second
  • No calibration needed
  • No adjustments or programming needed for different products
  • Ergonomically designed collection tray for left or right hand pouring
  • Simple to clean

Kirby Lester KL1 Specifications 

  • Dimensons: 14.6' H X 12.5' D X 5.6' W
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Power: Standard 110VAC wall outlet
  • Throughput : 15 tablets per second
  • Count capacity: up to 9,999
  • Tray capacity: 800cc
  • Max Tablet Size: 0.86″ (22mm) x 0.74″ (19mm)
  • Min Tablet Size: 0.125″ (3.2 mm) smallest dimension

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