Thomas Packaging is an exclusive distributor for Kirby Lester for pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers.

Kirby Lester offers patented, industry leading table top electronic counters. Their technology applies to a wide variety of needs in pharmaceutical or nutraceutical packing. Kirby Lester supplies affordable, compact systems for applications as small as counting a single bottle and as large as filling several hundred or thousand bottles. Their counters are ideal for

  • R&D and QC labs
  • Off-line QA/QC checks for large, production bottling lines
  • Small scale batches for clinical supplies, R&D, or small scale production

The KL1 is ideal for check counting individual bottles for quality assurance next to a production line. It’s a quick and efficient replacement for counting paddles and manual counting, which companies frequently use for QA checks. It is suited for both tablets and capsules. All the operator has to do is slowly pour the bottle contents through the counter, and the KL1 tells you how many pieces were in the bottle.

The KL50, does check counting or small scale bottling runs in the lab, clinical supply department, or in production. It is available with an optional hopper that holds around 2000 tablets or capsules. QA and validation departments use them as an efficient solution for putting tablets and capsules into bottles.

The KL50 fills one bottle at a time. The operator swaps out the bottles as they are full and keeps the feed hopper full of tablets or capsules and the counters will fill each bottle to the correct count.

Thomas Packaging offers the following Kirby Lester units: