Non Destructive Leak Testing from Thomas Packaging

Thomas Packaging offers innovative, non destructive leak testing equipment for pharmaceutical packages from our partner, Sepha Ltd. All pharmaceutical packages need to be tested for leaks. It is a GMP requirement. If the package leaks and the product is exposed to oxygen or moisture from the environment, it can degrade and the shelf life will not be as long as expected.

Drug manufacturers traditionally test packs for leaks with water baths or blue dye baths. The operator puts sample packs into a water bath and visually observes to see if liquid leaks into the package. The test is subjective as it depends on the operator’s skill. And it is destructive. Because the operator submerges the samples in a water bath, they need to be destroyed whether they leaked or not. Many drugs are expensive and the cost of destroying these sample packs is significant.

Sepha offers non destructive leak testers for different types of packages including blisters, bottles, and pouches.