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Thomas Packaging became Lixis’s exclusive distributor in North America in 2017. Lixis is an Argentinian company devoted to the development and manufacturing of package control and track and trace and serialization equipment. Founded in 2001 in Martinez, Buenos Aires, Lixis develops and manufactures systems tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2001, Lixis has installed over 1300 systems in more than fifty countries around the world. Lixis commits advancing the technology for packaging pharmaceutical products. They aim to provide customers with the security that their packaging line is guarded and controlled with cutting edge technology to guarantee quality and protect patient health.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Control

Lixis’s SVC vision systems and pin hole detectors inspect the product and package on the pharmaceutical packaging line to assure quality standards. Their bar code and print control systems offer reliability and accuracy for one and two dimensional barcode inspections. Their print control systems offer reliability, accuracy, and high speed for a wide variety of requirements throughout the packaging line. They can check print quality and perform character verification on many different surfaces and materials. They offer the most reliable packaging control systems for any GMP application.

Packaging Control Products

Blister Control
Bar Code Control
Pin Hole Detection
Print Control

Track and Trace Serialization

Lixis offers various hardware and software solutions for track and trace automation in packaging lines and for serializing the cartons on those lines. Their compact carton serialization modules integrates with different types of packaging lines for both bottles and cartons. Their end of line aggregation modules match the datamatrix on the carton with the bundle or case label to provide the aggregation data you need. They inspect and verify all the labels and adjust for nonconforming and rejected packs. The batch data can be loaded to track and trace software from our partner Verifarma. Or you can integrate it directly to your ERP system or to another partner that you select.

Track And Trace Solutions

Serialization Solutions
Aggregation Solutions