Mario A Cricca SAThomas Packaging is the exclusive distributor for Mario A Cricca S.A. brand blister machines in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Mario A Cricca, also known as MAC, has been dedicated to manufacturing and selling blister packaging machines and cartoners for over 40 years. They export worldwide to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. Their flexible and affordable blister packaging machines are ideal for everything from clinical supplies to full production runs and can do both thermo formed and cold formed blisters. They are available with different size format areas and speeds and can be supplied with hand feeders, brush box feeders, or dedicated product feeders. Different printers and camera inspection systems are available as options depending on your application. Our engineers at Service Industries can work with you and the team at Mario A Cricca to identify which feeders and other options are right for your application.

The S-100 from Mario A Cricca is a small footprint platen machine that can fit into even very tight labs. it is ideal for clinical groups or for companies first getting into blister packaging. It produces packages in a continuous, automatic line like much larger machines. Parameters from the S-100 can easily be scaled up to larger machines as demand increases. The S-300 and S-300XL are production size machines for high speed throughput. The S-300 produces up to 300 blisters a minute with a 210 mm wide forming area. The S-300 XL has a 240mm wide forming area for larger blister packs. Any of these three units from Mario A Cricca can be supplied with feeders, camera inspection systems, cartoners, and other options.

The units are manufactured in Mario A Cricca’s plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A full FAT can be run at their plant prior to shipment direct to your facility.

Thomas Packaging offers the following Mario A Cricca blister packaging machines