Mario A Cricca S-100 Blister Packaging Machine for Pharmaceutical Industry

Mario A Cricca S-100 Blister Packaging Machine for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Mario A Cricca S-100 Blister Packer is designed for small scale, continuous blister packaging batches of up to 10,000 packs. It is an ideal blister packaging machine for companies just getting into blister packaging that are looking to scale up from smaller bench top lab models. The small footprint lets you fit the unit into extremely small labs and production rooms, but the unit still operates like a larger production sized unit. It offers many many benefits including scrap saving, automatic setting of main parameters and is designed to use all types of film and foil materials, including both thermo form and cold form packs.

Technical Specifications
Electric 220VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4 KVA approximately
Air 90 psi, 5.3 SCFM
Cooling water consumption at 12C 200 l/hr (3.4 l/min)
Dimensions 55″H, 100″W, 25″D
Weight of machine with tooling 900 kg approximately
Bottom web material 140 mm max width, 350 mm roll OD
Top web material 140 mm max width, 200 mm roll max OD
core diam 70-76 mm
Index 65 mm max
Forming area 80 mm x 130 mm max
Forming depth 12 mm max
Speed 20-80 cycles/min
Blister Output 80 packs/min (40 mm x 100 mm)
Features and Benefits

  • Blister packaging machine designed for economical smaller batch production
  • Capable of thermoforming with and without plug assist or cold-forming
  • Servomotor driven indexing
  • Four stations: forming, sealing, code date or perforating, and die cutting
  • Tool-less changeover
  • PLC controlled with touch screen HMI and Ethernet connectivity
  • Recipe driven for fast changeover and setup
  • Optional vision system for quality assurance
  • Stainless steel construction
  • LIXIS color inspection system (shown in picture)
  • LIXIS B/W inspection system
  • Various printers available
  • Pinhole detection for alu/alu
  • Feeding Options
    • Hand Feeder Tray
    • Universal Brush Box
    • Dedicated Feeder (shown in picture)
    • Other Options


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