The Lixis MH pin hole detection systems automatically detect pinholes alu-alu blister packs produced during cold forming. These pin holes are typically invisible to the human eye and cannot be easily detected by operators. Cold form products are typically very sensitive to oxygen and moisture and even a small undetected pinhole can deterioration. And any deterioration can result in a shortened shelf life. The pin hole system is installed after the seal station but before cutting. Using an infrared radiation detector, Lixis identifies leaks that can be difficult to detect with other automatic systems. The infrared camera sees the heat emitting from the pin hole leak, and through the control system, rejects the pack before it passes to the cartoner. These pin hole detection systems inspect 100% of the production at a rate that cannot be equaled by statistical sampling. They are small and easy to retrofit to existing blister packaging lines no matter the vintage or brand. They are designed to fit in a small space.

Pin Hole Detection Systems Features & Benefits

  • Detect leaks down to 25 micron, both pinholes and fissures
  • Uses infrared camera technology to detect leaks invisible to the operator
  • Inspects multiple independent areas on the foil
  • Digital sensitivity control
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compact design – easy to clean and install on any blister machine
  • High efficiency. It does not reduce your production speed
  • Inspects 100% of blisters on the line. It does not sample packs. All packs are checked.
  • Rejects any bad blisters before they are cartoned
  • Fault resistant. Any malfunction in the system causes the machine to stop.


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