Sepha BlisterScan - non-destructive leak tester for blister packages

Sepha BlisterScan – non-destructive blister pack leak tester

The Sepha BlisterScan is a non-destructive leak tester which identifies leaks as small as 7µm in individual blister pockets of pharmaceutical or medical blister packs. It is the perfect alternative to the methylene blue dye test. The BlisterScan blister package leak testing machine uses pressure, vacuum and a precision laser system to check for leaks as small as 10 microns. The software gives a clear result for each blister package and even shows you which cavity had the leak. Finally, there is a VALIDATABLE system for blister package integrity testing. If you are ready to move out of the stone age and leverage today's technology, give us a call and we will set up a demonstration for you in our showroom.


Blister web
Up to 320mm width (12.6″)and up to 160mm length (6.3″)
Test cycle time
1-6 minutes
Measurement ranges
Down to hole size of 7 micron
Tooling changeover
Approx. 30 seconds
Configuration Options
CD-Rom and DVD drive; Ethernet; 2x USB
Power supplies
Air: 6 bar; Electrical: 110/230V AC
User Interfaces
17″ 1280 x 1024 SXGA TFT display with resistive touch screen
System can be run in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
Machine Dimensions
746mm (W) x 600mm (L) x 810 (H) mm
(29.4″ x 23.6″ x 31.9″)
Machine weight
90kg (198lbs) / Shipping Weight: 225kg (496lbs)
BlisterScan is supplied with a 12 month warranty. After this period we recommend the customer takes out a service agreement
Stainless Steel (Grade 304)


  • Detects leaks as small as 7μm in individual blister pockets
  • Non-destructive clean and dry process so packaging and its contents are not damaged.
  • Fewer samples are destroyed – less waste generated
  • Easily validated – faults identified by machine, not operator, removing subjectivity.
  • Comprehensive GMP or GAMP validation documents available
  • Full web testing, with no limit on number of pockets
  • Can be set to operate at same rejection level as Blue Dye Test (30-50μm)
  • Fast, semi-automatic set-up with self-testing mechanism to verify the functionality of the sensor each time
  • Automatic sampling and statistical testing
  • Test data can be automatically collected, printed and stored or downloaded for post test analysis. Results stored for 10 years min.
  • Innovative product recognition feature means product-specific test data is stored automatically in pre-designated file locations
  • Easy calibration using tool supplied. Select calibration options through the touch screen display
  • Mobile work station available as an optional extra


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