Sepha EZ BLISTER - Blister Packaging Machine

Sepha EZ BLISTER – Blister Packaging Machine

The Sepha EZ Blister blister packaging machine gives your laboratory total control so clinical trials, stability studies, and marketing studies are completed on time and on budget. Your blister packaging department also benefits as they will not have to tool-up, set-up, or clean-up large scale blister packaging equipment for small batches.


Pack Type
User Interface
Touchscreen HMI, Hand operated regulators, push buttons
Format Dimensions
Max Format Area: 180 x 120mm (7.1 x 4.7″)
Max Form Depth Thermoform: 14 mm (0.55″)
Max Form Depth Cold Form: 12 mm(0.47″)
Min. Material width: 135mm (5.3″)
Max. Material Width: 165mm (6.5″)
*Material dependant – deeper pockets may be considered upon request
Stainless Steel (Grade 304)
Temperature: 0 – 200°C settable +/-1°C
Pressure: 0.2 – 0.6MPa (Force 6.3 – 18.8kN)
Timers: 0 – 99.9 sec settable +/- 0.1 sec
Counter: 0 – 999 cycles
Electrical: Min. 110V Single phase, 15A
Min. 230V Single phase, 6.5A
Air Supply Min.250 L/min at 0.6 MPa
Operating Speed
Aprox. 200 cycles per hour for any single operation
Tooling Changeover
2 – 3 minutes
Tooling warm up
Approx: 10-15 mins
Machine Dimensions
655 mm (W) x 715 mm (D) x 555 mm (H) (25.8″ x 28.2″ x 21.9″)
Machine: 138 kg (304 lbs)
Tooling: 12 kg (26 lbs)
Shipping weight: 200 kg (440 lbs) (incl tooling)

EZ Blister is ideal for producing small batches of high quality blister packs in:

Pharmaceutical Research and Development laboratories

  • Clinical trials
  • Stability studies
  • Package development
  • Marketing samples

Pharmaceutical production and packaging departments

Low volumes which may not normally be economic on high speed fully automatic lines can be turned around quickly on EZ Blister , e.g. packing small batches of specialist drugs.

Features and Benefits

  • Three Stage Operation: Forming, Sealing, and Perforating and Cutting
  • Flexibility – Handles all thermoform and coldform materials e.g. PVC, PVDC, PP, Aclar, Alu/Alu
  • Programmable, repeatable results
  • Temperature, air pressure, and dwell time are monitored electronically so the Sepha EZ Blister functions only within preset limits
  • Fast, tool-less format change
  • Extremely easy to operate. Training is fast and simple.
  • Fast cleaning – stainless steel construction
  • Free blister package and tooling design service
  • Available Options: Batch coding, mobile workstation, pressure boost, and Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP)
  • Modified Atmosphere Pack option allows packs to be flushed 100% with a user supplied inert gas during sealing
  • Inexpensive tooling saves money. Stop tooling up a production machine for a small batch!
  • Available with optional EZ Blister auto feed. The auto feed incorporates the work station with reel holder as well as a roller-based reel tension system to hold material in place and feed pre-determined amounts through the machine for forming or sealing. This option increases the rate of production to between 300 and 500 cycles per hour.


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