SEPHA Press Out Manual - manual deblistering machine for blister pack tablet recovery

Sepha Press Out Manual Wide – deblistering machine for blister pack product recovery

The Sepha Press Out Manual Wide is a portable, simple deblistering machine for product recovery. Its operation is simple. An operator feeds blisterpacks by hand through the rollers by turning the handle. The tablets are gently squeezed out of the pack by the roller and separated into a 316 stainless steel collection drawer.

The Sepha Press Out Manual Wide has non-slip safety pads, is fully cGMP compliant, and requires no electrical or air supply. It does not require additional deblistering tooling or change parts. It simulates the act of a person pushing a tablet out of the pack so can be used with all types of push through blister packages. There are different rollers available for different hardness tablets as well as capsules or soft gels. The Sepha Press Out Manual Wide can be quickly and easily adjusted to work with different size blister cards. It is an ideal machine for small batches of push-through blisters.


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  • Small lots of push through packs
  • Linear formats
  • Optional wide version for diagonal formats and multi-product blisters


  • Portable
  • Single change part
  • Handles PVC/alu and alu/alu blisters
  • Easy to use
  • Fully cGMP and easily cleaned
  • Flexible – easily adjusted
  • Ideal for small batches


Blister type
Blisters Layout
In-line Layout
Machine Construction
All product contact parts are stainless steel 316 and ABS food grade.
Maximum Pack Size
Width: 170mm (6.7″)
Length: Unlimited
Operating Speed
Up to 20 packs per minute
Power Supplies
None Required
Machine dimensions
380mm (W) x 295mm (L) x 230mm (H)
(15″ x 11.6″ x 9.1″)
Machine weight
8 kg (18 lbs)
Shipping weight
11.5 kg (25lbs)
Approx tooling changeover
3 minutes