Thomas Packaging Blister Packaging Feeder Parts

Thomas Packaging Blister Packaging Feeder Parts

Thomas Packaging manufactures blister packaging feeder parts for dedicated feeders to go with our blister tooling. We make parts for Aylward, Simtap, Sypro, and other dedicated feeders.We can supply feeder parts separately or along with a set of blister tooling for the same product. And if you have different feeders for different machines, we can make parts for all of them so you can get everything you need from one supplier.

OEM compatible drop-in replacement feeder parts for blister packaging machines include:

  • Frame assembly & hoppers
  • Feeder Bowls
  • Sorting Plates & Engagement Pins
  • Custom tubes and feed plate
  • Drop Chutes
  • Pneumatic vibrators
  • Coated aluminum tubes or plastic tubes custom designed for your tablet profile
  • FDA compliant product contact parts
  • All pneumatic lines include connectors for quick installation and change-over

We start by analyzing your tablet from samples. Blister packaging feeder parts like a drop tube or sorting plates need to be customized for your tablets or they will not feed tablets properly. After analyzing your tablets in our in house engineering department, we manufacture the feeder parts that you need specifically for your feeder and tablets so that the feeder will work properly.

After verifying the design, we manufacture all the feeder parts in house in our CNC shop and assemble your feeder. The feeder is fully tested before shipment to ensure your tablets feed properly through your specific tubes and chutes. We can even send our engineer to your site with the feeder parts when you install them to make sure everything is working properly when it’s installed on your specific machine.


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