Sky Softgel SVB-4000 Blister Machines

Sky Softgel SVB Platen and Rotary Blister Machines for Pharmaceutical Applications

For high speed blister packaging in a balcony style blister machine, consider the Sky Softgel SVB series. Sky Softgel offers different sizes of both rotary and platen style machines in a GMP, servo driven package.

The platen style unit includes pre-heat, forming, and intermittent sealing station. In addition it includes stations for code dating, perforating, and punching. The rotary version replaces the intermittent sealing station with a continuous motion rotary seal station.

Different feeders can be provided from manual feed trays to dedicated product feeders. Optional vision inspection systems and printers are also available. The SVB blister machines are fully servo controlled with individual servos for each station for maximum flexibility. Both models can produce either thermoform or cold form packages.

The SVB- blister machines work for thermoform or coldform applications. In addition they can be used with most forming such as PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Alu, and Polypropylene. They can be used with Alu and Paper/Alu lid stocks.

SVB-4000 and SVB-400 Technical Specifications
Forming Area 180 mm X 190 mm
Max. Forming Depth 12 mm
Forming Speed 50 cycles/min Max.
Punch Length 95 mm
Forming Reel Diameter 600 mm Max.
Sealing Material Diameter 250 mm Max.
Machine Dimensions SVB-4000: 4660 mm X 1310 mm X 2140 mm

SVB-400: 3860 mm X 1220 mm X 2140 mm

Machine Weight SVB-4000: 3800 kg

SVB-400: 2900 kg

Electrics 380-440V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Consumption SVB-4000: 400L/min at 6-8 kg/cm2

SVB-400: 300 L/min at 6-8 kg/cm2