Sky Softgel Combined PE Film and Cotton Inserter

The Sky Softgel Combined PE Film and Cotton Inserter is used for multi-product solid dose bottle filling lines where some packages require a film insert and others require a cotton insert. Replace your separate cotton and film inserters with one combined machine in a small package. The inserter goes after the bottle filler but before the capper and can insert a length of cotton or film depending on your package needs.

Sky Softgel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic tablet counters. Originally developed for counting translucent softgels, their electronic tablet counter can handle even the toughest products to count. Their counters are available in a single, dual, quad, or twin head configuration for various tablet and bottle throughput rates. The Sky line of tablet counters is unique in the industry. Through a proprietary algorithm, it fills even the first bottle at startup properly. It does not reject the first bottle like many counters.

To supplement the electronic counters, Sky offers all the ancillaries required to make a complete bottle filling line. Instead of buying components individually from different vendors, buy a complete line from Thomas Packaging and Sky so that you can test the entire line together before shipment. We offer everything required for a bottle filling line from unscramblers and turn tables for infeed to the labeler and turntable at the end of the line. These components can be bought as part of a complete bottle filling line or purchased separately.

Sky Softgel Combined PE Film and Cotton inserter Features and Benefits

  • Combine two machines into one
  • Save space and reduce changeover time
  • Insert either cotton or PE film depending on your requirements
  • Simple Operation
  • Insert verification and rejection system
  • Rejects under and over filled bottles
Combined PE film and Contton Inserter Technical Specifications
Material 316L contact parts
Dimensions 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm x 1,850 mm
Weight 450 Kg (approx)
Required Power 1.2 Kw
Air Consumption 220 Liters/min, 6Kg/cm2
Output 120 Containers/min
Film length PE Film: 100-140 mm
Cotton: 70-160 mm
Bottle Diameter 30-110 mm
Bottle Height Adjustment 50-200 mm
Inner Neck Diameter more than 27 mm
Max Roll Diameter 300(360) mm x L250 mm
Roll Inner Diameter 76 mm
Max. Roll Size 300 mm dia. X 250 mm wide
Multi Insert Capability 5 pieces per bottle