Sky Softgel Cap Sealer

Sky Softgel Cap Sealer

The Sky Softgel cap sealer is used on electronic bottle filling lines for solid doses where the bottle being filled requires a sealed cap or full body wrapper.  One model is available for a cap seal only and a second model is available as a full body sealer. The cap sealer goes at the end of the line and wraps the seal on the cap and then shrinks it in a shrink tunnel so it fits tightly on the bottle cap. While normally supplied for tablet and capsule bottle filling lines, the Sky Softgel cap sealer can be used on any filling line where the bottle requires a heat shrink cap seal.

Sky Softgel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic tablet counters. Originally developed for counting translucent softgels, their electronic tablet counter can handle even the toughest products to count. Their counters are available in a single, dual, quad, or twin head configuration for various tablet and bottle throughput rates. The Sky line of tablet counters is unique in the industry. Through a proprietary algorithm, they fill even the first bottle at startup properly and do not reject it.

To supplement the electronic counters, Sky offers all the ancillaries required to make a complete bottle filling line. Instead of buying components from different vendors, buy a complete line from Thomas Packaging. Test the line together at the factory. We offer everything required for a bottle filling line from unscramblers and turn tables for infeed to the labeler and turntable at the end of the line. Buy these components together as part of a complete line or separately.

Sky Softgel Cap Sealer Features and Benefits

  • Simple Operation
  • Touch screen panel with PLC
  • Suitable for GMP applications
  • Available with a bottle filling new line or to add to an existing line
Cap Sealer SCL-600 Technical Specifications
Material 304 sst contact part
Dimensions 5,500mm x 1,100mm x 2,120mm
Weight 900 Kg (approx)
Required Power 15.0 Kw
Output 120 Containers/min
Film Thickness 40-70u (PVC, OPS, PET)
Cap Diameter 30-100mm
Cap Height 10-35mm
Cutter Range 20mm
Film Width 50-200mm
Film Lenght 50-150mm
Bottle Diameter 40-115mm
Bottle Height Adjustment 100-250mm