Sky Softgel Turn Tables

Sky Softgel Turn Tables

Sky Softgel Turn Tables can be used as buffers at the start and end of a bottle filling line to help control the flow of bottles. Turn tables are typically used on lower throughput rate lines where bottles are manually put on and off the line.

Sky Softgel Turn Table – Infeed

The infeed turn table is used bottle filling lines that do not have an unscrambler. The operator stands the bottles upright manually on the infeed turn table. The turn table stores them and presents them to the electronic counter for filling.

Sky Softgel Turn Tables – Discharge

The discharge turn table stores filled and capped bottles at the end of the line until the operator is able to manually remove them from the line. It is used typically as the last component in the line before cartoning.

The Sky Softgel Turn Tables can be purchased separately or as a set for a new bottle filling line or as retrofit to an existing line. They allow you to move bottles through the line without investing in an expensive feed and discharge bottle handling system.

The Sky Softgel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic tablet counters. Originally developed for counting translucent softgels, their electronic tablet counter can handle even the toughest products to count. Their counters are available in a single, dual, quad, or twin head configuration for various tablet and bottle throughput rates. The Sky line of tablet counters is unique in the industry because, through a proprietary algorithm, even the first bottle at startup is filled properly and is not rejected.

To supplement the electronic counters, Sky offers all the ancillaries required to make a complete bottle filling line. Instead of buying components individually from different vendors, buy a complete line from Thomas Packaging and Sky so that the entire line can be tested together before shipment. We offer everything required for a bottle filling line from unscramblers and turn tables for infeed to the labeler and turntable at the end of the line. These components can be bought as part of a complete bottle filling line or purchased separately.