Thomas Packaging Slat Filler Parts

In addition to slats and upper and lower manifolds, we offer a wide range of other slat filler parts to help keep your filling line running at maximum efficiency. We supply slat chains, brushes, brush combs, slat guides, chain guides, timing screws, and many other change parts for all different brands of slat filler. We design and specify all these parts. You do not need to know the correct OEM part number for our part. All we usually need is the manufacturer and size of your filler to determine which part is the correct one for you.

Slat Filler Parts – Brush Combs

Our slat filler brush combs are made of 316L stainless steel and are laser cut from a single piece of material. There is no plating or brazing of pins on these brush combs. These are much stronger than other units on the market and will fit right in on your Merrill slat filler, and at considerable savings.

Slat Filler Parts – Brushes

We offer a range of brushes for bottle fillers including Merrill Roll-Back brushes, Lakso brush strips, and rear hopper seals. We can supply brushes for other filler models, too. Brushes are available in a range of colors and materials to meet your changeover and validation requirements.

Slat Filler Parts – Feedscrews

We offer feedscrews for all brands of bottle filling machinery as well as various cottoner machines on the market. Feedscrews are all custom designed for your bottles so that the parts will be correct for your application. They can be ordered as a set with a manifold and slats or separately.