SureCount Bottle Filling Inspection System
surecount inspection system inspection heads

The SureCount Inspection System mounts to a bottle filler and provides an extra level of assurance that each bottle will have the correct number of tablets or capsules. Any bottles with an incorrect count are rejected.

The SureCount Inspection System consists of 5 modules: the sensor head, the light head, the control software, the reject system, and the air knife. With the SureCount Inspection System, the light head and sensor head work in tandem to shine an infra-red light beam through a hole in the bottom of each slat cavity. If a tablet is missing from the slat, the beam is detected. The control software monitors the sensor, and makes an accept or reject decision for each bottle according to your recipe controlled parameters. The reject station removes the designated bottles from the conveyor. The air knife blows air through the holes in the empty slats to make sure that there is no buildup of dust in the holes. A secondary Tablet Verification System can be provided after the manifold to verify all tablets emptied out of the slats into the bottle.

Sensor and light heads are available for any number of cavity slats.

surecount inspection system screen shot

SureCount Inspection System Features and Benefits

  • 'Snap-in' sensor head and light head facilitate quick changeovers.
  • Sealed, through-beam technology offers highly reliable sensing.
  • Infra-red sensors are immune to visible light and false triggering.
  • All parameters are recipe controlled for validation, security, and easy changeover.
  • Software features an auto-setup mode
  • Optional Tablet Verification System to verify all tablets were removed from slats after filling and that slats are empty



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