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Thomas Packaging is the exclusive distributor for Tepack brand stick packing and pouching machines in the USA. The company, located outside Barcelona, Spain, was founded in 2007. Thomas Packaging has been their distributor since 2016.

Tepack’s philosophy is “A solution for Every Single Customer”. Their main objective is to fulfill each customer requirement in each sector of the market. Their design team has over 20 years of experience in making high quality, custom equipment for GMP manufacturers. Tepack knows the market changes quickly and designs their products so customers can quickly adapt to change. They believe it is not good enough to produce quality machinery but also to provide quality service before production during the sale process and after shipment as well.

Tepack’s machines are customized per the content of the pouch. They focus on flexible packaging for GMP industries in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. Flexible packaging can come in many different shapes. Tepack specializes in single dose packages such as stick packs and flat 4 and 3 sided sachets. They can provide machines to fill tablets, powders, and liquids.

For stick packing, Tepack offers the Terral, Borea, Simun, and Sirocco models. These are vertical, intermittent motion machines. They offer both cam and servo driven models in a wide range of sizes and speeds. Tepack supplies each machine with a custom configuration depending on your package geometry and your product characteristics.

They also offer the Mistral and Moncayo for four side seal pouches. Like the stick packing machines, they are available in different configurations and speeds and with various fillers to handle any application on the market.

And they offer the TPV series of machines for 3 side seal pouches and traditional vertical form fill seal applications.


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