Blister Control Systems

Lixis SVC vision blister control systems assure you meet your package quality standards. They inspect blister packs containing all types of tablets and capsules. This inspection with Lixis vision technology guarantees that 100% of the product is accurately packed, thus eliminating errors and reducing costs. The blister control cameras are located after the product feeder but before the sealing station. They take a picture of each pack after it is filled. The control software compares it to a standard and rejects any packs that do not match. The packs can be later deblistered so any good product is not wasted. These blister control systems are ideal for ensuring pack quality. They can be retrofit to almost any blister packaging line no matter the manufacturer or vintage as long as there is space after the filling area for the camera.

Blister Control Products

Features & Benefits

  • Sony CCD based digital industrial camera
  • Polarized illumination based on industrial solid state LEDs or fluorescent lamps
  • Optional backlight illumination and variable intensity LEDs
  • Inspect blister packs with any kind of tablet or capsule
  • Compatible with any type of forming material such as PVC, aluminum, and others
  • Checks for presence, size, shape, broken or chipped product, position, over-filling, empty pockets, foreign objects, product color, and other items.
  • Easy to use  color touchscreen software interface
  • on-screen help and interactive tutorial
  • Step by step configuration wizard for new products
  • Fast and efficient product set up and recovery. No machine slow-downs.
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Biometric user identification available
  • PLC control
  • Exportable production report and images
  • Centralized control module can also control optional pinhole detector, splice sensors, bar code readers, and others


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