Thomas Packaging Blister Pack Tooling

Thomas Packaging Blister Machine Tooling

For over 45 years, Thomas Packaging, LLC has been providing high quality blister machine tooling for all makes and models in the market including: Uhlmann, MAC, Klockner, Noack, Ministar, IWKA, Blipack, IMA, Bosch, CAM, & others. We are one of the leading blister tooling manufacturers in the North America. With our industry experts and engineers, we will come out to your facility, measure your blister packaging machine, design your blister packaging and blister machine tooling, and then follow the blister tooling to your facility to assist you with the startup. We can make all of the following blister tooling change parts for your machine.

  • Form dies – both cold form and thermoform, with our without plug assist
  • Seal dies – platen and rotary style
  • Guide tracks
  • Die cutters and perf dies
  • Feeder change parts
  • Other parts such as lowerators

These pharmaceutical blister tooling parts are all change parts. They may need to change when you manufacture a new blister package. You need a vendor who understands what parts on your blister machine are change parts and how to make them with the correct clearances and tolerances. Not all blister tooling manufacturers do this. Many will produce tooling from measurements without understanding how it functions. We have experience with all different makes and models so you can get all of your blister pack tooling from one source even if you have machines from different manufacturers.

Whether you are thermoforming or cold forming (alu/alu) we can lend our expertise, knowledge, and manufacturing ability to help. Our Quality Documentation book ships with every blister pack tooling order, and is unmatched in the pharmaceutical industry. It includes all the information you need to validate your new set of blister tooling, and support it throughout its life cycle. We don't just provide you with pharmaceutical blister tooling, we provide you with a total blister packaging solution.


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Our pharmaceutical blister tooling products include:

  • Form dies
  • Seal dies
  • Guide tracks
  • Pre-heat plates
  • Die cutters
  • Perforating dies
  • Lowerators
  • Ejectors
  • Scanners
  • Feeders
  • Barrel cams
  • Pushers
  • Cartoner parts
  • Rails