Teapack Four Side Seal Sachet Machines

Tepack's four side seal sachet machines are designed for GMP pouch and sachet applications. In these machines, the roll of material is cut into a front and back sheet. The sheets are sealed on both sides and the bottom, then filled, then the top side is sealed.

The TP4S 600 and 1000 are intermittent motion machines for small and medium throughput applications. The TP4S 600 C is a continuous motion pouching machine for the highest volume applications. These machines are designed with all stainless steel and FDA compliant product contact parts. They are customized per your application, product, and pouch specification. Tepack offers liquid, powder and other filling modules. Each machine can be supplied with different change parts for different numbers of lanes and pouch widths as well as with different output configurations for collecting the finished packs.


  • Stainless steel front plate and contact parts
  • Servo driven main motor
  • Splicing Table
  • Motorized undwinder
  • Film stretch control
  • Expanding reel shaft
  • End of reel detector with alarm
  • Photocell for film alignment
  • PLC control
  • Color touchscreen display
  • SMC pneumatic components
  • Outlet conveyor
  • 220-240VAC or 380-420VAC


  • Different printers such as thermal, ink jet, laser
  • Fillers for powders, liquids, pastes, and other solid products
  • Inert gas filling
  • Individual lane temperature control
  • Shaped horizontal seal units
  • Tear notch
  • Empty sachet rejection
  • CIP cleaning
  • Various outlet conveyors, ramps, and box changers

Model Specifications

Model Motion Type Max Speed Main Drive Sealer Motors
TP4S 600 Intermittent 100 cycles/min Servo Pneumatic
TP4S 1000 Intermittent 100 cycles/min Servo Pneumatic
TP4S 600 C Continuous 100 cycles/min Servo Servo


Model Finish Cut Max reel width / dia. Min/Max Sachet Size Min/Max Sachet Length
TP4S 600 Zig zag or straight 600 / 600 mm 40 / 200 mm 30/200 mm
TP4S 1000 Zig zag or straight 1000 / 600 mm 40 / 200 mm 30/200 mm
TP4S 600 C Straight 600 / 600 mm 40 / 200 mm 30/ infinite


Model Machine Dimensions
TP4S 600 2350 x 2410 x 2550 mm
TP4S 1000 2550 x 2810 x 2550 mm
TP4S 600 C 1931 x 1722 x 1640 mm


Model Weight / kg Max No. of Lanes Power / kW Air Consumption
TP4S 600 2600 7 8 156 l/ min
TP4S 1000 3000 12 10 156 l/ min
TP4S 600 C 1200 7 6 156 l/ min



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