Lixis offers several types of equipment for aggregation bottles or cartons into bundles and boxes and then onto pallets. They have manual, semi-automatic, and automatic solutions.  Like their serialization systems, Lixis’s aggregation units use artificial vision technology and are comprised of a touch panel, a high resolution camera, and a PLC module.

Thomas Packaging Lixis Aggregation


  • Simultaneously reads the cartons in a bundle or case through a single image
  • Manages batch information
  • Works with or without a connection to the plant server
  • Capable of managing an automatic end of line print & apply and rejection system
  • Customizable to fit each application
  • Compact size. Suitable for integration online or as an independent module
  • Easy to adjust for different formats such as bundle and case sizes.


  • PSVMA with 2D scanner and optional printer for manually  aggregating cartons into boxes and boxes onto pallets
  • PSVM for semi-automatic aggregation using a camera to combine cartons into boxes and a 2D scanner to aggregate boxes onto pallets
  • PSVMi, PVS-S, and PVS-SL for fully automatic aggregating cartons into boxes using a camera with either manual or automatic labeling.
  • PVS-P for palletizing already serialized boxes at the end of the line.


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