Sky Softgel Quality Control Counter

Sky Softgel Quality Control Counter

The Sky Softgel quality control counter is a semi automatic unit designed for pharmaceutical bottle filling with tablets, capsules, soft gels, and other similar solid doses. It can be used for small production batches or in laboratories or clinical supply areas where you only need to count a few bottles at a time. Because of its small size, the Sky Softgel Quality Control counter is perfect for these applications. With only two tracks, it is small enough to fit on a table top. The bottle feed is manual. So the operator can switch each bottle when full. As a result, there is no need for an expensive conveyor.

Sky Softgel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic tablet counters. Originally developed for counting translucent softgels, their electronic tablet counter can handle even the toughest products to count. Their counters are available in many different sizes for various speeds and applications. The Sky line of tablet counters is unique in the industry because, through a proprietary algorithm, even the first bottle at startup is filled properly and is not rejected. Almost all other counters on the market require you to discard the first bottle every time you restart the machine. With the Sky counter, this is not required.

Sky Softgel Quality Control Counter Features and Benefits

  • Continuous counting system
  • Small footprint
  • Manual bottle height adjustment
  • Automatic vibrator speed control system
  • Tool free designed structure
  • Touch screen panel with PLC
  • Stores parameters for up to 3 products
  • Designed for GMP applications
  • 316L sst or food grade plastic product contact parts
  • CE, ISO9001, ISO1400
SMC-527QC Technical Specifications
Material 316L sst contact parts
Dimensions 690mm x 290mm x 820mm
Weight 90 Kg (approx)
Required Power 0.4 Kw (approx)
Electric Spec 220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ, 3 PH
Counting Speed* Max. 700 tablets/min

Max. 5 bottles/min

Product Size Tablet diameter 3-20mm

#00-#5 capsule & softgel

Type 2 track
Hopper Capacity 5 liter (approx.)
Bottle Diameter 30-110mm
Bottle Height Adjustment 50-180mm
Air Consumption 10 liters/min, 6kg/cm2

* Actual speeds are dependent on the application