Thomas-Packaging-SureFill-300-Slat-Bottle- Filler

Thomas Packaging SureFill 300 Slat Filler

The Thomas Packaging SureFill 300 Slat Filler brings advanced technology to slat filling.  Most slat fillers require extensive disassembly for cleaning and change over to ensure there are no rogue tablets inside the machine. Our cGMP design eliminates this problem. The SureFill 300 is the most cleanable, easiest to change over slat filler on the market. The open frame design provides total access for fast and easy cleaning, inspection, and changeover.  Cantilevered sprockets eliminate cross shafts and allow the operator to walk into the machine. Sloped surfaces eliminate pockets where rogue tablets can get caught. All parts can be easily removed for cleaning without tools. Changeovers are quick and easy. You can get the filling line up and running again as fast as possible.

  • The open design of the SureFill 300 Slat Filler permits full access into the machine for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.
  • The sliding rear guard doors make access easy.
  • The cantilevered sprockets eliminate unnecessary cross shafts and improve access.
  • The chain and slat guide design minimizes the number of discrete parts on the bottle filler, reducing cleaning time and eliminating multiple alignment and adjustment points.
  • Tool-less changeover is easily accomplished with our slat filler. All necessary parts can be removed for cleaning and changeover without tools.
  • The SureFill 300 Slat Filler also incorporates our patented SureClean conveyor design. Conveyor systems can be customized to fit specific requirements.
  • Optional SureCount inspection system and Tablet Verification System



Other Features and Benefits

  • Throughput of up to 300 bottles per minute provides the highest productivity for your bottle filling applications.
  • Uses standard slats and other parts to minimize retooling costs.
  • Open design provides total access for easy cleaning, inspection, and changeover.
  • Servo-driven for efficiency, flexibiltity, and control.
  • Allen Bradley PLC controls with open architecture for easy validation and support.
  • Feedscrew or ETG options available


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SureFill 300 Slat Filler Technical Specifications
Electric 230 VAC 3 Phase
Air 95 psi
Machine Dimensions 72″ H. x 77″ W. x 43″ D
Main Drive Speed 1 to 6 RPM
Height Adj. Range 8″ travel
Slat Shaker Speed 30 to 1700 RPM
Slat Shaker Displacement 0.04″ Standard. Others available upon request
Rollback Brush Speed 10 to 300 RPM
Vibration Bottom & Manifold, Syntron (V9/V20)
Slat Thumper (3) Adj. Thumpers