tablet press tooling
Thomas Punch & Die Tablet Press Tooling

Thomas is uniquely qualified to address all of your tablet press tooling needs. Our capabilities are demonstrated before the tools are delivered to you. Potential tableting problems are “designed out” of the tooling during the tablet drawing phase. We can run a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for all new tool designs to avoid compression issues before the first tablet is produced. Once all technical issues have been addressed by our tooling design specialists, we can produce sample tablets for your product development department to review.



Thomas recognizes the importance of quality, value, delivery and customer satisfaction. We also recognize the importance of producing our tools to your specifications each and every time. That’s why we have taken the lead in developing quality tableting systems to ensure you are comfortable we can meet those expectations on every order.

Contact Thomas for all your tooling needs. We can provide you the Design, Product, Process Reliability and Service you deserve and are committed to providing you a QUALITY PRODUCT at a VALUE, with EXCELLENT DELIVERY for complete CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We can provide:

    • Automated punch & die inspection
    • Premium S7 steel for all punches
    • D3 steel standard for all dies
    • Multi-tip tooling
    • Carbide lined dies
    • Interchangeable tooling
    • Stocking programs
    • Free etching
    • Free tooling certifications