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Verifarma is a comprehensive traceability service and traceability software for the pharmaceutical industry. Verifarma, a division of BDEV, was founded in 2007 to supply traceability softare to the pharmaceutical industry. Thomas Packaging became their distributor for North America in 2017. Verifarma offers turnkey solutions with quality cloud based systems on their own security infrastructure with personalized and specialized after-sales service. More than 2000 companies worldwide use Verifarma systems and services including pharmaceutical packagers, distributors, drug wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies.

What is Traceability Software

Traceability software allows real time monitoring of a product throughout the supply chain. The supply chain may include drug manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators, pharmacies, hospitals, and patients.  The software serializes the batch by assigning each pack a unique number. The software then passes this number through the supply chain along with the package allowing counterfeit medicine to be eliminated. Your partner companies can always tell if a particular pack in a shipment is legitimate.

Verifarma Software

Verifarma  began in 2007 as an IT solutions company and began supplying traceability software in their home market of Argentina a year later. By 2013 they had over 700 installations including 40 pharmaceutical manufacturers. Currently they have over 2000 installations worldwide in all parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain from manufacturers to pharmacies. In the pharmaceutical industry, they have clients including Teva, Sanofi, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and others.

They partnered with Lixis in 2015 to create a comprehensive track and trace solution for the international pharmaceutical marketplace. At Thomas Packaging, we can provide a Verifarma software package either as a stand alone software system for use with your existing packaging equipment or in conjunction with a Lixis serialization system.

They offer 24/7 customer support in English for all their customers. Thomas Packaging provides local on site support and service in the USA when needed.

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